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The history of bs

B&S offers many different models, each designed for a specific purpose. No need to compromise. Choose the B&S instruments which best serve your individual needs. Once you learn to play one B&S Tuba you can play them all. The various models are based on the same philosophy of sound, response, balance and tonal presence. You are not only investing in an instrument, you are building an efficient and productive system!

B&S means technical leadership. Every new model advances the art, sets new standards for others to reach. Only the highest quality alloys, sheet brass, nickel silver tubing, lacquer and silver are good enough for a B&S instrument. These materials are subject to constant inspection and specialized treatment during the manufacturing process to assure superb resonance, perfect response and finest tone quality in every instrument. Rigorous design and assembly standards based on time-proven hand craftsmanship methods and state of the art machining, brazing, degreasing, polishing, lacquering and plating facilities are the reason behind those legendary „great instrument“ remarks you hear anywhere musicians meet! Every new B&S instrument is extensively tested by experienced professional musicians before it is released. You get superior performance and reliability from the start. B&S GmbH (Markneukirchen, Germany) is a synonym for tradition of brasswind instrument manufacturing. It goes back to 1755 - over 250 years of craftsmen who preserve and elaborate their knowledge from generation to generation.

A heritage impersonated by Gerhard A. Meinl who is an instrument maker in the 7th generation and since years engaged in ITEA (International Tuba and Euphonium Association). His life is dedicated to promote and advance the tuba and euphonium instruments.