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The history of casio

So let the music begin! Since 1946.

Once upon a time, there were four brothers with talent, ideas, courage and pioneering spirit . What sounds like the beginning of a fairytaile were in reality a high-risk enterprise founded by the brothers Kazua, Tadao, Toshio and Yukio Kashio. So we find ourselfs in 1946, just one year after the end of the second world war. Their common aim were to develop and to produce electronical and digital technology, what they succeed. But the passionate amateur musician Toshio wanted to realize a project: it was alway his dream to develop electronic music instruments which also should be available for amateur musicians in this field. The successful start in 1957 with the first electronic calculator was followed by the first ink-jet printer and the first pocket calculator at the beginning of the 70s. Since the middle of the 70s, Casio succeed to manage a coup at the watch market with the presentation of the CASIOTRON. As a result Toshio thought that the know-how of technical development is advanced enough to set his initial project to motion, to realize his dream.

At the beginning of 1978 the brothers tackle to revolutionize the market for electronic music instruments under the laedership of Toshio Kashio. Their aim: to base on new ideas like smaller equipments and an innovative technology to be able to offer a great price-performance ratio which allows also to musicians with a lower budget to participate in this creative pleasure caused by music and even at home!

In 1980, Casio introduced new norms for the future with the first portable keyboard of the world, the CASIOTONE 201. In view of the 49 different notes produced by this machine they don't have to wait long for success. Stephan Remmler, member of the german group TRIO, showed by using the mini-keyboard VL-1 which was presented one year later for his worldwide known hit "Da Da Da" that quality is not always accompanied by an expensive price and imposing size. The syntheziser 16 bits FZ-1 introduced finally the start of a new era by making the music market accessible also for beginners by preventing that they have to pay the price of a new car.

So the dream of Toshio Kashio became reality and stay until today in the credo of this company. From Keyboards for beginners via affordable digital pianos to synthesizers and other professional instruments, Casio offers high-quality music instruments at low price. Today, the brand is represented all over the world. With over 70 million sold products, Casio realized such a big success that even Toshio Kashio never imagined.