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The history of yamaha

YAMAHA started more than 100 years before, in the year 1887, with the fabrication of their first organ encouraged by Torakusu Yamaha. Since then, Yamaha (or Nippon Gakki & Co, Ltd.)continued to develop to become the biggest producer from a lot of different music instruments.

Yamaha is also a leader in the field of audio and video products, semiconductors and other products which are connected with motorized vehicles, computer science, sports equipment, furniture and household appliances, special metals, machine tools and industrial robots.

Besides, Yamaha possesses his own amusement parks throughout Japan which are developped constantly. Since the setting up of the Yamaha Music foundation in 1966, Yamaha never stopped to support the instrumental practice by popularizing music in general and musical education in particular. Today, Yamaha is able to record more than 686.000 pupils. It's this special attitude which distinguishes Yamaha from his competitors.

Yamaha tries hard to develop products and services which satisfy the highest requirement of everybody. These products and services are known because of their high quality concerning the acoustics, the concept, the technology, the art and the personality.All products and services which are published under the name Yamaha are evaluated by a multitude of professionals, institutions, industrys and single persons.

Our philosophy appears also in the relationship to our customers:
  • to create the best products and services
  • to develop the existing market
  • to erect new markets
  • to intensify the research and the development in the long term
  • to commit ourselfs to our customers with professionalism by an high quality customer service