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The history of yanagisawa

Yanagisawa Wind Instrument Inc. is a producer for wind instruments, known in particular for his huge product range of saxophones - both for beginners and for advanced players and professionnals. The brand is one of the principal producers of saxophones in Japan and all over the world.

What was once a little family enterprise started 1893 as production facilities and workshop for wind instruments. 1896, they began to produce products and since 1954, the brand became more and more famous by the publication of the tenor saxophone T3 silver-plated. Yanagisawa was the first enterprise which produced wind instruments in Japan. The first alto saxophone came out in 1956 and since then, Yangisawa extended his technical lead in the manufacturing of saxophones. In 1972, the brand produced the first saxophone from solid silver.

In 2014, the brand presented the long-desired alto saxophone models with the WO line. Saxophones of highest precision.

Yanagisawa, that's a unique know-how which take a leading position in the concept of saxopones. Their saxophones unite robust mechanics and remarkable trustworthiness without disregarding a flawless processing. An investment in quality for the securing of an unquestionable precision and a thoughtful ergonomics, which is the guarantee for a maximal playing pleasure.
These top-class saxophones can boast about having a rich and diverse tone colour which is simultaneously clear and brilliant and enchant all musicians no matter which style they prefer.

Today, the brand is famous because of their wind instrument manufacturing completely by hand. From the soprano to the baritone, they managed to win the hearts of the most famous musicians of the world.