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The history of ik multimedia

Since 1996, the IK Multimedia brand has been developing innovative products that recreate legendary analogue tools for use by musicians in the digital world.

IK offers simple, affordable, yet ambitious products, made BY musicians FOR musicians, for all "mobile" platforms such iOS and Android, as well as for Mac and PC.

IK Multimedia's products — with their great ease of use and their intuitive interfaces — make it possible for professionals and enthusiasts alike to create and produce images and sounds whenever they want, wherever they want. IK has a vast range of products to suit every artist, from guitarists, bassists and DJs to singers, pianists, broadcasters and journalists.

Thanks to the iRig range (iRig 2, HD-HD-A, Ua, Pro, Pro Duo) it is now possible to play your electric guitar amp-free, out in the sunshine, and still get exactly the sound you want. Simply choose your amp, set your effects, put on your headphones and play just as you would in rehearsals!

One of the biggest new arrivals this year is the iRig Acoustic, which adds effects to an acoustic guitar via a discrete pickup that clips on to the rosette.

IK Multimedia was the first to break in to the mobile music sector, and it continues to innovate with the sole aim of creating simple products that can be used by musicians, no matter where, no matter when, whenever inspiration strikes.