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It vibrates for all registers.
The Vandoren Traditional reeds are the most played in the world. That's a fact. These reeds from the famous blue box for Bb clarinet offer unique acoustic qualities, a brilliant sound due to the richness of the timbre, great ease in the sequence of legato or staccato intervals as well as ease of execution in all registers. The possibilities of play are increased tenfold.

Handcrafted in the south of France.
The traditional reed is born in the reedbeds which border the Mediterranean. The owner of its own plots, Vandoren has mastered all the stages in the production of this reed, from reed cultivation to machining technology. Behind the unique flow-pack packaging which protects the reeds from humidity variations, hides unique know-how at the service of your passion.

Boxes of 10 traditional vandoren reeds (Blue boxes). These are the most played reeds in the professional world. They have proven themselves for many years. These reeds are suitable for all styles of music. Their main acoustic qualities are an excellent response in all registers, allowing even the pianissimo attack of high-pitched notes and the flexibility allowing the execution of large legato or saccato intervals.
Traditional Vandoren reeds combine the thinnest tip with the thickest core, allowing for flawless articulation with a full, dark tone.
The design of these reeds makes it possible to obtain an extremely pure sound thanks to the combination of two factors: A very thin end of the reed (where the vibration zone is maximum), a large spine (more wood in the zone gradually leading to the heel). These reeds are recognizable by a horizontal line which delimits the scraping area of the bark.

Product subject to a specific right of withdrawal
This product, for reasons of hygiene, if it has been opened, cannot be returned as part of a withdrawal and claim to be reimbursed or exchanged.
Brand reference number:AVD CR102
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