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Whether you're looking for a first bottleneck to get started or you're looking for a versatile slide, the Dunlop 220 is for you.

Fast and furious.
Dunlop offers a range of bottlenecks rich with sixty references. Not easy to find, so much to start with the essential: a chrome steel model of average length and thickness. The 220 is a standard, and it will suit most uses, whether you wear it to the ring finger or the little finger. Its weight is low and therefore promotes a quick game and a fluid movement.
A chrome nickel sound.
As opposed to the softness of the glass, the steel deploys a more brilliant and direct sound, a little more roots on an acoustic and more strident on an electric one. It's both the sound of Blind Willie Johnson and Johnny Winter! No matter if you're a bluesman, rocker or noisemaker, the Jim Dunlop 220 will bring a truly different color to your game, almost like a new instrument. And all for the price of a piece of pipe!

Slide MEDIUM in chromed brass, dimensions: 19x22x60mm, ring size: 9.

Category: bottleneck
Material: chromed steel

Format: medium
Flared: no
Brand reference number:ADU 220
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