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The new iLok is fully backward compatible with previous versions – so all software developed for use with a 2nd generation iLok will continue to work with a 3rd generation iLok.

The design of the 3rd generation iLok is a huge step up from previous versions. The internal components are ingeniously small, packed into their metal case using methods that make duplication virtually impossible. And fewer components means fewer points of failure once the device is being used in the field.

Gives trademark permissions to:
AVID, AbbeyRoad Studios, Algorithmix, Antares Audio Technologies, Audio Ease, Brainworx, Celemony, Crane Song, Creative Network Design, Cube-Tec International, Cycling 74, Digidesign, DTS inc, Dolby, DUY Research, Drawmer, East West Sounds Online, Eventide, Flux, Focusrite Audio Engineering, Grey Matter, GRM Tools, Izotope, Korg Research, Lexicon, Line 6, Mark of the unicorn, McDSP, Mu Technologies, Muse Research & Developpement inc, Notion, Nomad Factory, Nonfiction Software ,Minnetonka Software inc, Overloud, Plugorama, Princeton Digital, PSP Audioware, Remote Control Productions, Sony Pro Audio R&D, Soundfield, SoundToys, SRS Labs, TC Electronic, TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies, Trillium Lane Labs, Troon, Virtual Katy, Ultimate Sound Bank, Unique Recording Software, WayOutWare, Waves inc, etc.
Brand reference number:4423
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