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Buy multiple copies of your ernie ball COATED SLINKY 11-48 3120 and take advantage of decreasing prices.
ernie ball
COATED SLINKY 11-48 3120


Thanks to the Slinky Coated Titanium range, you will finally be able to access resistant ropes for an ever longer life. In other words, strings singularly economic!

Titan resistance!
Made from steel, Slinky Coated Titanium strings feature a titanium treatment, a patented process by the brand, which protects them against the risk of breakage and slippage, while ensuring better stability and stability. much better in comparison with traditional strings.

Type: Electric guitar, Slinky coated titanium
Pulling: 11-14-18-28-38-48
Description: Ernie Ball presents his strings treated for electric. Where the other brands were content to protect the spun strings, Ernie Ball innovates: the unsprung strings that are also the most fragile and always break first, are now reinforced near the ball with a Titanium reinforcement. Thanks to this reinforcement, the ropes are protected against the risks of frequent breaks, and can thus attest to a longevity 5 to 7 times superior to a set of standard ropes.
In addition, the Ernie Ball protection on the spun strings is thinner and fully preserves the sound. This technical feat raises these cords treated at the level of the best traditional strings.
Packing: Hermetic pouch
The Ernie Ball string sets are packaged in an airtight pouch that ensures, when opening, ropes as new as at the factory!

They chose Ernie Ball: This range was chosen by Aerosmith, Brad Paisley and Avenged Sevenfold
Note: Ernie Ball was the first to offer ropes retail and since he set up the standards of guitar strings, the list of users has grown steadily among which: Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, Slash, Jeff Beck, Kirk Hammett, Steve Lukather, Keith Richards, Angus Young, John Petrucci, System of a Down, Deftones, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Megadeth, Blink 182, Green Day, Iron Maiden, NOFX, Mars Volta, Sevendust, MGMT, Limp Bizkit and many more ...

Category: Electric
Number of ropes: 6
Voltage: power

Material: titanium
Pulling: 11-14-18-28-38-48
Brand reference number:CEB 3120
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